Wire Nail Making Machine - Parts List & Operation Manual

PREM AUTOMATIC WIRE NAIL MAKING MACHINE is simple and sturdy in design, high output easy to operate and long service life. All tools are easily accessible and can be quickly exchanged. Even an unskilled worker is able to easily operate this simple and high efficient machine. 

These machines have been tested under the most extreme conditions, which have proved itself the utmost reliability even at their max. Capacity of 500 operators per minute.

There is choice of eight models for WIRE thickness from 0.9 to 4 mm and for nails lengths from 6 mm to 200mm. 

PREM crank type high speed wire nails making machines of different sizes can produce flat head nails counter shank head nails, chequred head nails, lost head nails , pop nails. These machines can produce nails from H.B wire, Brass wire, Copper wire and Aluminium wire its main crank shaft is directly driven by a motor and the side shafts are driven by bevel gears to ensure correct and permanent adjustment of the cutting tools directly drive its main crank. The length of thickness of the nail is adjustable.

A gripping device pulls the wire from the coil through a 5 rollers straightening apparatus and pushes it forward so that just the right amount of wire lies beyond the anvil for the head to be formed. The clamping jaws now close and hold the wire tightly while the hammer forges the nail head. The jaws open again and the wire with ready-formed head is fed forward as for the length of the nail desired. The jaws now close again and to opposing cutters cut of the nail and the same time form the shaped point. The ejector now troughs the wire into the delivery portion, the hammer forms a head and the process of nail producing continuous automatically thus producing quality nails. 

The Wire Nails Making Machines manufacture wire nails; the nails are to be polished as well as finished products. The quality of the nails produced depend upon the wire used on the machines, generally the wire received from the supplier is found dull to wire drawing process and also some times get rusted due to weather effect. The wire for processes of cutting nails is not so bright and as a result, the nails produced do not have brightness and shinning. Such finished are not acceptable to the buyers thus the nails do require polishing which result in attractive finished products to eliminate this problem. We have manufactured polishing machine.

Load the polishing drums with the wire nails up to a level 4" to 5" above the half filled level. If nails are rusty add half liter of kerosene before adding sawdust and run the drum 15 minutes with blind lid fixed. After that put sawdust in the drum up to 80% of the full level. Fix the blind lid and run the drum for about half hour. This will rest in bright and shinning nails. If more finish is require, it is advisable to use soft leather cuttings in second sequence of polishing instead of sawdust 18 to 20 Kgs of such leather cuttings are required. These leather cuttings can apply again for 20 - 25 cycles till they very oily. Now nails ready for dispatch. 

The nails cutters of Wire Nails Making Machines become blunt and require regrinding. A special grinding machine have manufactured for grinding all the profiles of cutters this machine is provided with special type of fixtures, so that even a semi skilled worker can grinding cutting tools easily after a short training.

NOTE: Design & Specifications of Machines are Subject to Change without any prior notice.

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