Horseshoe Nails Making Machine

This machine is simple and sturdy in design, high output easy to operate and long service life. All tools are easily accessible and can be quickly exchanged. 

These machines have been tested under the most extreme conditions, which have proved itself the utmost reliability even at their max. Capacity of 70-80 pcs operators per minute. 

HORSESHOE NAILS MAIN MACHINE requires 7.5 H.P Electric Motor and Starter. Motor and the side shafts are driven by bevel gears to ensure correct and permanent adjustment of the cutting tools directly drive its main crank. The length and thickness of the nail is adjustable.Production 200 LBS Standard Size No. in 8 hour Approx.This machine is able to make various types of HORSESHOE NAILS like E-Series, JN Type, CH Type and many more by changing the toolings upto length 58 mm after fabrication. 

Automatic Fabricator

- Finish Nails Simultaneously.
- It requires 2 H.P. Electric Motor.
- The production of 90-100 pcs per minute approx. 

The formed HORSESHOE NAILS from MAIN MACHINE are tumbled to remove adhering scale and fed by hand into the fabricating machine where they stretched, chamfered, pointed and finely given a slight bend. The nails are finally polished in the Tumbling Barrel and than packed.


- Polish Horse Nails  - Requires 2 H.P. Electric Motor.

The Horseshoe Nails Making Machines manufacture HORSESHOE NAILS, the nails are to be polished as well as finished products. The quality of the nails produced depend upon the wire used on the machines, generally the wire received from the supplier is found dull to wire drawing process and also some times get rusted due to weather effect. The wire for processes of cutting nails is not so bright and as a result, the nails produced do not have brightness and shinning. Such finished are not acceptable to the buyers thus the nails do require polishing which result in attractive finished products to eliminate this problem. We have manufactured polishing machine.

NOTE: Design & Specifications of Machines are Subject to Change without any prior notice.

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